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Schubert Serenade (Acoustic) Yang XingXin song Ah-Do-Qing-Ah-Si-Er Hong Ting song The Moon Rises Little A song Song of Sadness Little A song What the Pipa Says Lin Hai song Lofty Mountains and Flowing River Little A song The Moon At the Fortified Pass (feat. Guo Gan) Lunlun Zou song Dragon Threw up the Pear Little A song Overture Little A song 陽光照耀在塔什庫爾幹 Lei Wang & Tang Xiaofeng song Ospreys Sporting With Water Su Wenxian song The New Song of Dongting Wang Changyuan song Embroider a Golden Plaque Little A song Fortune and Kindness Words Little A song Lin Chong Fled to Liang Shan Luo Jing song Hits the Wild Goose Little A song Autumn Moon Over the Han Palace Gao Zicheng song Harvest Celebration Little A song Pearls Dropping Onto the Jade Plate Anna Guo song Buddhist Music in the Spiritual Mountain Wang Hsun song Moonlit Night On the Spring River (feat. Guo Gan) Lunlun Zou song Lotus Out of Water Hong Ting song Water Leakage Lotus Little A song Battling Against the Typhoon Lin Ling song Milking Song Hong Ting song 昭陵六駿 Tang Xiaofeng song Weep in the Dawn Chou Chin-Hung, Zhu Hui Chen, Luo Qi-Rui, Yang Su-Hsiung & Hung Chi-Feng song Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake (feat. Guo Gan) Lunlun Zou song Lotus Flower Emerging from Water Luo Jiuxiang song Autumn Moon Shines on the Han Palace Little A song

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